Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Year Veganicity

I'm not keen on the idea of new years resolutions, but a few have occurred to me regarding veganism so here they are!

  • To be less guarded about my veganism and the reasons for it when among non-vegans, and not interpret questions as jibes unless they are really obviously meant in that way.
  • To try to rise above jibes, assume that the person is either masking genuine curiosity or else not worth my energy getting angry with.
  • To join in discussions at work about food and cooking even if it is sometimes very frustrating to hear about meat etc.
  • To get involved in activism again, although this may have to be after submitting my thesis!
  • To make myself available to people who are curious about veganism (eg through formspring)
  • To be more proactive in raising the subject of veganism, although I may stick to 'safe' situations for the time being.
  • To make more effort to share food, subject to affording to do so, in particular to make more from-scratch food for parties and so on since (amazingly) no-one in my life (apart from my friend's pre-teen daughter who now avoids meat herself) has ever objected to chocolate cake or pizza even when they know it is vegan.
  • To avoid factional bickering in the vegan/AR movement - I do have a horrible tendency towards morbid curiosity about these things, not to mention getting embroiled in them (particularly when my personal feelings about individuals get into the mix), and this isn't healthy. Negative energy is the most painful sort to expend. Pretty much every approach is useful and necessary, and I need to remember that regardless of feelings about the individuals concerned.

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