Thursday, 11 February 2010

Quick fancy pasta sauce

This was my treat at (almost) the end of the week, using up some courgettes and peppers I've had for ages and the rest of the tin of tomatoes I opened yesterday. It could have stretched to two helpings with a bit more pasta and some bread on the side. You could use a saucepan (tho not an easily heat-damaged one) or frying pan instead of the wok.

-Olive oil, heated in a wok
-Two large mushrooms, chopped
-One large courgette, chopped
-Half a pepper, chopped
-Three cloves of garlic, sliced
-Half a dozen or so olives, halved (very much optional, but I happened to have some in the fridge)
-Half a tin of tomatoes, with juice

Add the ingredients down to garlic to the wok in the order listed, unless you are the opposite of me and prefer nearly-raw mushrooms and overcooked pepper in which case do what you like. Cook the veg in the oil, stirring around a bit, until cooked. Make sure the olive oil doesn't start to smoke - turn down the ring if it sizzles too much. Add the tomatoes and a bit of water - simmer for 10 minutes or so. Eat with pasta, in case you need telling. (And no, Ben, I personally do NOT intend to use spaghetti, but make no judgement on what anyone else does. Except you because you expect me to eat what you make... I love you even if you do eat pasta that looks like WORMS.)


Ben said...

I love you even when you're funny about what pasta you eat.

And I'd leave the mushrooms out altogether :P

Ben said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend treat(s) even more...

Here's my recipe from tonight:
200g diced onion (reduced to 25p in Sains)
500g little cubes of swede and carrot (reduced to 35p in Sains)

Fry the onion in a little sunflower spread, while microwaving the swede/carrot. Add the swede and carrot. Mash (in practice, this required a bit more boiling).

Serve on toast.

Yum... :)