Saturday, 6 November 2010

Gap in posting!

Thursdays are my 'busy' day, my schedule runs from 9-630 and five hours of that time is spent directly in the classroom. I get an hour for lunch, and what I eat in that hour has to keep me going potentially from 1-9pm, so I tend to put a lot in there... This week it was:
  • Sandwiches (on homemade bread, more about that later) with herb pate
  • A Linda McCartney sausage roll
  • A small bag of carrot and yellow pepper sticks
  • A piece of homemade apple and pumpkin pie, again more about that later
  • A packet of plain crisps from the vending machine
This is a bit of a mixture of pure carbs and vitamin content, of fast and slow energy, which is what I need!

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