Friday, 10 June 2011

Milk in strange places

Today when I went to the supermarket I thought I'd get a treat for my rescue calf.* He's been such a good boy putting up with life in an upper floor flat while we try to find another home for him - he's even learned to use the toilet like a big boy so we don't have to deal with cow pies all over the floor. I'm not convinced that his music tastes are entirely healthy - Cows With Guns has been playing on continuous loop all day, but hey, he's nearly a teenager and he has some demons to exorcise from his early life.**

So back to my shopping trip. I was browsing the aisles wondering what I could get for Che,*** when my eyes lit upon a packet of salt-and-pepper cashew nuts. Yes, I thought, that'll make a nice change. How lovely that they have his natural staple food in...

You guessed it - for some reason, beyond my comprehension since nobody is likely to feed the product to a baby calf, Tesco have decided it is a great idea to put milk powder and milk sugar in all their flavoured cashew nuts. Annoying...

*In case anyone out there doesn't get satire, I am neither keeping a calf in my flat nor advocating that others do so.
**The point behind this satire is that calves, especially those of the male variety, are treated like crap by the dairy industry. That's one of many reasons to be vegan rather than vegetarian.
***Listen to the song already


John V. said...

Wait a minute, if your calf is male, it wouldn't be cow pies on the floor, it would be bullsh*t... like an explanation for why the cashews have milk in them.

dirtyduck said...

i loved cows with guns.but it did make me cry.

Anonymous said...

Just popped over from your link on FaceBook! I'll add you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your posts.

It's frustrating to find cows' milk in products that have absolutely no need for any kind of milk and I enjoyed your way of putting the point across! :o)

Penny (Scottish Vegan Homemaker and Scottish Vegans - and doting mother of John V)